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  • What if I lost property at Benger Blaze?
    Email: with a description of what has been lost and if it has been found Benger Blaze will organise collection of the missing item.
  • Can Benger Blaze become a Sold Out event?
    The organisers of Benger Blaze can make the decision to stop selling tickets at anytime. The fireworks event does have a maximum crowd capacity due to the parking constraints in the village and to ensure the safety of those who attend.
  • What is the best time to arrive?
    4:30pm whilst it is still light. Come along early to try to avoid queues for the children’s entertainment, the bar and BBQ. You can then make your way to the crowd line for some great views of the displays.
  • Can I use contactless payments?
    Yes. There will be contactless payment machines at the entrance, the Bar, BBQ, Confectionery and Glowstick stall.
  • What makes the Benger Blaze different?
    The Benger Blaze is designed to appeal to families and young children. We open early while there is still some natural light, offer free children’s ear-plugs, balloon animals and face-painting. We offer a large area that children can safely roam and have policies and procedures in place to mitigate any risks associated with firework events. For families with young children it is advisable to arrive early just after 4.30pm and head to the Face-Painter and get a Balloon animal.
  • Why are there two displays? New for 2022 - Three firework displays!
    The first display will be ‘low noise’, this is ideal for smaller children who may not like loud bangs or to get them used to fireworks. After this, the fire will be ignited with a loud bang and once this has begun to die down a much larger display will start. This will consist of ground fireworks as well as aerial and culminate in an explosive end. After a gap of some 30 minutes, time to buy burgers, beer, cider, popcorn, confectionary and let the children play on the many attractions. We very uniquely, start our finale third display, set off by a professional pyrotechnics company. Families with very young children arrive early and have the option of leaving after the first display.
  • Where is the best place to park?
    There is parking along Seagry Road passed the La Flambe restaurant as well as parking along Sutton Lane. In addition, there is space around the residential areas although please park responsibly.
  • What happens if it is poor weather?
    There will be a number of Marquees and Gazebos to ensure shelter as well as access to the Village Hall. Due to the preparation involved it is unlikely that the event would be postponed unless deemed unsafe.
  • What happens to the profits from the event?
    The event is run by the Village Hall Charity that seeks to provide recreational facilities to residents in the surrounding areas. In the past the profits have been used to enhance the children’s play area, build the Tennis courts and re-invest in equipment for future events. In previous years, there has usually been a surplus of £3,000 each year although this varies depending on the weather and other factors.
  • What’s the best way to buy tickets?
    This is an Entry advanced ticket only event. Therefore the best way to buy tickets is by going on-line (click tickets in top menu at or visiting Sutton Benger Post-Office.
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